Cassie throw back.


I’ve been nominated for Special Students Award and “Keyboard Warrior” Award in FCM Outstanding Award 2013 this August 24! (Which is really just around the corner) Lol I’m not really sure if the “Keyboard Warrior” best describes me, but Alhamdulillah, thank you for the nominations.

This event is organised by Diploma students in my uni, so I’m here giving my best to support them in and out. FCM Outstanding Award 2013 also welcomes outsiders, and for more info you can check out by yourself at their FB page.

So what makes me more excited about this event is.. Hmm, the last event I attended was the Intercultural Night which also organized by my uni last year. I was wearing the black and red saree which I borrowed from a friend last time. And this year, I really really can’t find a proper time to think what to wear for the Glamorous theme and it’s killing me because this the last event that I will attend with friends before I leave uni and get married.

It reminds me to my first prom night on 2006, I’m just a pathetic-kampung girl at that time who were crazily dying to go for a prom night! No money, no expensive dresses, I forced my mom to sew a red dress just like what Cassie wore in her first vid clip “Long Way To Go”.  I was so fanatic with Cassie appearance (till now) And she made it. Exactly the same.



It was 2006, no camera, no smartphones, means no photos taken. Fortunately, I was nominated as one of the best dresses and so proud of it. Unfortunately, because of my adrenaline rushed, I ran away just because too shy to get up on stage. Our Prom Queen was so pretty, and she deserved the crown. And yes, Aizat Hamdan was my Prom King at that time because of his cuteness!

Back to the purpose of writing this, I’m thinking of repeating the same ‘Cassie’ but may be with a bit decent look. Hehe. And when I was about to browse the same red look but in jumpsuit, I found Valentino’s Fall/Winter 2013 red jumpsuit. Exactly match with what’s in mind.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 12.41.19 AM

I must say mom did best before Valentino. So yah, I’ll come home soon and can’t wait to force mom to do the red jumpsuit (because I have less than three days and mom is my best saviour) so that her daughter can have a her own Valentino inspired!

Teehee xx


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